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Public Private Initiative

Public-private collaboration includes alliances with ONGs, scientific and research organizations, and constant work with communities, which is key to managing the reserve. The alliance for conservation with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), an organization that has been working for decades in the world of conservation of territories in conjunction with communities, is the first key alliance for the conservation of the reserves.

We constantly invite and welcome universities, NGOs and government organizations to visit our Reserve to research and pioneer studies in the area. One of our first approaches at each reserve is to establish a relationship with local organizations in charge of forests and national parks, CONAF, to understand the best ways to act in collaboration with those who know the area best.

Through in-depth exploration, we want to generate knowledge and care for the territory. The reserves have explorations open to the public, to bring in as many people as possible to the beautiful zones and educate them about the importance of exploring and conserving.

We invite local schools on field trips in order to generate curiosity among the communities. Hiring locally has always been a priority for Explora and will also be for our Conservation Reserves, along with teaching new conservation techniques to be adapted in the area and surrounding communities.