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Trail and Infrastructure Map

The Conservation Reserve’s infrastructure is located by the Zamora River, in a strategic spot with views to the Paine Horns and Sierra Baguales, with quick access both on either side.

It is steps away from the wetland, where Guanacos and birds come for the rich ecosystem, and inside the Nothofagus forest, where you will be protected from Patagonian winds.

In total, less than 3% of the whole reserve will be intervened for the purpose of exploration and lodging, concentrated at the Reserve’s Center (more details below). Included in the 3% of infrastructure is the Guesthouse, Conservation Center, horse Stables, trails, viewpoints, orchard, tree nursery, as well as the land available for the Explora lodge to be built in coming years.

Download here the map.

image explora

image explora